[] Adding Spells to a Custom Race

Hey everyone,

For the most part I’ve been used to .49 and just gotten back into things with a fresh .57 DB and Core, but I find myself at a bit of a wall with the spell changes.

I’ve added in playable Broken, and realise the racemask/classmask values on playercreateinfo_spell_custom are a Bitwise OR of all of them combined - however any changes I make to this aren’t being reflected ingame. I’ve enabled all custom spells in the worldserver.conf, too but that’s just affecting the other races and givng them all spells and ranks.

Essentially to test it I’m just trying to give my Broken (Value 8192) race Sword Specialization. Do I alter racemask to 8193 and expect to see results or is this completely wrong and there more I should be doing?


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Apologies for the poor placement in the post, I didn’t see this section.

Is anyone able to lend a hand or point me in the right direction with this? I’ve hit a total brick wall and can’t assign spells. Is it not possible without breaching into DBC territory or am I missing something? All my other edits bar skills and spells are going smoothly.