3.3.5 Custom CommandScript Issue

I am trying to get a CommandScript of my own to work on 3.3.5 and for the life of me … I seem to be struggling. In the end, I want to have a command that my in-game addon can toss some serialized data to.

It seems that at some point the return values for GetCommands, ChatCommand and the command table structure changed from the many examples on the internet; so I have been trying to adapt to the syntax that compiles and looks like the cs_*cpp commands; as I have this working some ~9-12 months ago perhaps on tc 3.3.5.

Right now I am plagued with this being the closest recognition of the command, no args and no subcommands.

Incorrect Syntax

.qa npc
There is no such subcommand

I have tried to distill the custom script to its most basic HelloWorld like skeleton. [https://pastebin.com/R2qPEQTf](https://pastebin.com/R2qPEQTf)

Thanks for any guidance, very appreciated.

are you trying to do the command from ingame or from the console?

It looks to me like you are on a relatively new TC version from the way the command table is function is set up, but you are using SEC_PLAYER which suggests you either dont have RBAC or your script is a bit wrong in that regard.
Take a look at the existing commands and you may see that they do not use SEC_* in that place. If that is the case then you should take a look at your RBAC permissions and set the command so that it is available to you as it may not be at the moment.

I want this to be used in-game and I am using the current head of 3.3.5.


Thank you, I have changed SEC_PLAYER to a valid rbac::value, added the header, recompiled and it works. Thank you^100