3.3.5 DB errors

Hi there !

I have recently installed the database : TDB_full_world_335.62_2016_10_17 ( with daily world sql updates ) on my server but i have some errors at worldserver.exe startup :

  • First one was that related to vmaps version but I have re-extracted maps with latest extractors and error was gone .

  • Second one a bunch of > DB errors < like : " Spell Id 3232 has DBC ProcFlags 20, but it’s of non-proc aura type, it probably needs an entry in spell_proc table to be handled correctly. "

and those 2 : " GameObject (GUID: 30031) does not exist but has a record in gameobject_addon "
" SourceEntry 30218 SourceGroup 1 in condition table - spell 30218 does not have implicit targets of types: AREA, CONE, NEARBY, CHAIN for effect 0, SourceGroup needs correction, ignoring. "

I attached the logs .

If someone know how to fix this I will apreciate , I do not have enough knowledge in this C++ / coding but I want to learn something and to help this community , thanks .


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