3.3.5 lag with only one account

I’ve made a 3.3.5 private server for personal use, but I’m noticing significant lag: any action I try to take, like using abilities, picking up items, talking to NPCs, etc., takes entire seconds to complete. And it doesn’t seem like my system resources are fully utilized at all. In any case, my specs are:

CPU: i7-6770k


Network bandwidth: at least up to 20MB/s

Is there anything I can do to speed things up?

EDIT: according to WoW my latency can get above 1000ms (highest I’ve seen is 1065), but I’m not sure if that’s the problem as the “latency” I’m experiencing can last up to 3 seconds. Another thing to note is that that machine that both the database and the server are on is the same machine that I’m playing from, and everything is on an PCIe SSD.

Samething happened to me :wacko:

So i tried to changed the client from GB to DE version, doesn’t work. Then i deleted Unofficial Addon, still doesn’t work.

The laging is so crazy that you can’t ignore it,