[3.3.5a] - Are theses issues a WorldDB and/or MAPS issues?

Hi all!

First, I would like to thank the team and all the devs that are continuing into programming of TrinityCore, after all years!

I’m a newbie on using a WoW Emulator like this one. I tried Azeroth-Core, MaNGOS and it seems that yours is better than the others. Azeroth-Core, based on Trinity, and still updated, is not playable. MaNGOS, I can’t run the mangosd because of missing maps… however.

About TrinityCore, i installed it on a little old computer, at home, to play alone when I want and especially to get back into the pleasant WotLK version. Listening musics, grab mining, etc. But I got a lot of bugs i can’t explain, and I would like some help if possible.

  1. when the server is freshly up: all the Rare Mobs are poped! No exclusion. Some are poped twice, like Putridus The Ancient (https://www.wowhead.com/npc=32487) and are not moving until I’m coming near them
    2. most of Rares are running through the map. Example: Vyragosa has run through an entire mountain. I still had focus on her, but no way to reach her. After she went through the other side of the mountain, she disapeared
    2. all the flying mobs are ‘falling’ when the server start to show them on the client screen. They reach the floor, stay for few seconds, and starts to move. Some are staying on the floor, as like as they are blocked on it. I have to go near them and they start to move, and reaching the original flying points. But, if i go away, they stop flying, and stay on place
    3. there are too much mobs, objects, etc. Some zones are really full of 2, sometimes 3x mobs glued to each others. And too much objects like ores that are too close to each others.
    4. I play exclusively in French, and some NPC texts are still in english. How to correct this?

So, as you can see, my server needs some fixing. But, I don’t know if it’s because of the WorldDB, the maps (mmaps, vmaps), or both. I reinstalled the server twice, and still the same. I tried 2 WoW Clients (one FR, one EN) for dbc/maps/mmaps/vmaps extraction and no change. So, if you are aware of these little issues, and can help me to fix them, i’ll be very happy!

Thanks a lot for your jobs. Really!


nb.: I can capture a video and/or take a screenshot of some issues. I had no time for the Vyragosa one but if i see her again, i’ll try to snapshot her! :slight_smile:

It’s none of those things. It’s the fact that your core is missing a lot of stuff. NPCs falling is a flag not being set on server startup. Rares running through map could be vmaps, could be buggy movement in the core, etc. As far as positions for npcs, that is a db issue. You just have to go through each one to fix it. If I were you, I’d abandon that core and find something better.