[3.3.5a]Cold Weather Flying Trainer

How do I add the teaching spell for cold weather flying [54198] to Maigra Keenfeather [35133] in Valiance Hold using Truce 2.0?

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This isn’t a customizing question. The trainer is suppose to teach cold weather flying, but she’s not doing it. So I was wanting to add it to her.

It’s new wow 4 feature, on wow 3 you can’t learn cold weater flying on that mobs.

If you refer for wow 4 or 6, the place is tracker then.


Wasn’t it a 1000g (rep discount applied to it, as I recall) account-bound book that was only available in Dalaran during the entire WotLK expansion?

They changed near end of WOTLK to more trainers, but no neutral ones.

Ok. That makes a bit more sense to me now.