[3.3.5a] CrossFaction Chat in a specific area- question


I am thinking about making this script, looked in code and realized, that maybe it can be done via spell_area by adding orcish and common, but not, it doesn’t work. I also checked ChannelMgr.cpp, there are these functions, but it’s hard to recall to the player itself.

If someone have any idea, I would be thankful /emoticons/default_smile.png

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It will make a not so nice looking “Test comprehend language” buff appear on all players. But it should work.

Have it add the aura 44311 to players when they enter the area, and remove it when they leave.

The aura makes everyone speak and understand “Titan”

Problem is also on a chat, [Titan] appears, but this is a nice idea, thank you /emoticons/default_smile.png

Awesome idea :). I will have to implement this!