3.3.5a Launcher Issue

For some reason the background of the news page for the launcher is black, but the images and text are shown?

Is the webserver that hosts the news page offline? If so where can I download the webserver content to stick on my webserver?


battle.net is used for their news/store feeds. Blizz will never support the 335a or old expansions any longer. What did you expect?



It still works obviously because I said it shows the images and text but not the background.

I’m starting to think it’s an issue with the firewall blocking it.

Actually the only reason this is still working some what is because Blizzard employee’s still play version 3.3.5a, 4.3.4, and 5 but after that the news feed is cut off but the images like the background doesn’t show because the rendering system they used is not running anymore when the news feed is streamed so that is why you are not getting the background. This has nothing to do with the firewall blocking it.

It’s not a firewall. Like I said, there will be 404s and at some point it will stop working all together. They are discussing on using json fomat and actually removing xml or “2.0”. The launcher client calls for that specific news feed url. Remnants of text/html, images, etc may still work as long as the link is still up. But, some day they will eventually decommission it.

They have old servers that have archived expansions. They still do testing, but they don’t actually “play”. I’m sure they wish that they had time. lol.
Anyhow, their QA department actually demands that they keep archives of each game product. (not sure if there is a legal disclaimer behind that). The gives hope that maybe someday… nah! (it costs too much money)

The blizz employees don’t care about the old launcher. Before they transitioned to battle.net after (v4) the old launcher never checked for client updates/patches.
Like I mentioned to LewisPotato they are discussing on moving the product over to json format from xml and changing the url, so we may notice some things start to break over time and receive 404s. I just don’t know when.

Actually they still do play and the reason I know this is because my uncle is one of them that still plays 4.3.4 with other employees, but not saying that is all they do I know work comes first lol

Cool, who is your uncle? I used to work at the Irvine HQ here in California, when I lived Orange County.