[3.3.5a] Logger and Appender question

Hello everyone.

I would like to ask you something about Appender and Logger configurations.

I’m trying to log Arenas into database, so I can pull statistics and other analyze queries.

I have the following configurations at the moment:



Do I have to setup any other configurations?



No one knows how to log to db ?

Have you tried what the OP said?
Did you take a look in the DB for if the logs were generated?

I believe they should be in auth.logs table.

looked through DBErrors, Server and Auth log - nothing … made a few arenas with op’s configurations, still nothing related in the logs… not even db write error

Works fine for me.
These are the settings I used:

Logger.root=5,Console Server Customsd
Logger.server=3,Console Server Customsd
Logger.commands.gm=3,Console GM Customsd
Logger.scripts.hotswap=3,Console Server Customsd
Logger.sql.sql=5,Console DBErrors Customsd
Logger.sql.updates=3,Console Server Customsd
Logger.mmaps=3,Server Customsd

After starting up I see this in DB:

oh… thanks