[3.3.5a] Remote connection not fully working

Hi all,

I have a 3.3.5a server that I can connect to from within my network with no issues. I’m testing to see if remote connection works, and I’m running into an interesting problem…I can connect to the authserver with no issues, and it shows me the realm list…but when I try to connect to my worldserver, it times out and then kicks me back to the realm list. I’m running rev 94e4bddb903d on CentOS 7, if that helps.

Authserver port - 3724

Worldserver port - 8085

I’ve used the internal IP address in the authserver and worldserver configs, as well as in the auth.reamlist entry for my worldserver, but that doesn’t appear to be the source of the issue since I can log into auth from a public IP with no issues. I can also see the public IP I’m trying to log in from in the “last_ip” field. I checked firewalld to confirm that there are port entries for tcp/3724 and tcp/8085 - I needed those to get the connection working from within my network, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

I set up trace-level logging for both auth and world, but I’m not seeing any messages other than the normal startup messages in world and “Updating Realm List…” in auth every so often.

Any thoughts?

auth.realmlist should have both Internet (aka public IP, in the address column) and local (aka private IP, in the localAddress column) addresses. The address column can be a host name, so localAddress may work the same. I assume your router is forwarding both ports (3724 and 8085, and only tcp packets are needing to be forwarded) to the appropriate server machine.

Wow, that was it. Everything else was right, but that. Thanks!