[3.5.5] SmartAI npc not starting the wp


I would like make a SmartAi script :

When the npc kill a mob start the wp:



But when the npc kill the mob i’ve got a worldserver error:

SmartAI::StartPath: Creature entry 99999 wanted to start waypoint movement while in combat, ignoring.

Please help


now for an answer you dont want to here…

  1. trinity does not have any npc’s using id 99999 so that indicates custom and there is no support in official support thread for customs.

  2. the statement in console clearly tells what the issue is… while the npc is tagged as in combat he is not allowed to move on his path.

now if you put this issue in the custom section of forum and add the sai script, you may get help from some of thew community but not from trinity… sorry.

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This thread is not related to the official Trinity codebase and was moved to the Custom Code section.

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Make sure it comes out of fight after killing something.

(unit_flags maybe)

and start the wp then.

You can prolly do that in an action list.