3.x & 4.x+ authserver differences

So what is it that makes it necessary to have different authservers for 3.3.5a and any version above 4.x? Would it be at all possible to have one auth setup that could serve multiple realms on different versions? some sort of compatibility layer or something.

I’m not suggesting that someone tackle this, I’m just curious about why it’s as it is. I don’t expect for the client to downgrade ‘on-the-fly’ it’s more just for things like account database and sub-domain purposes. General curiosity really.

How about the fact that the code for 3.3.5 authentication method used in authserver was completely REMOVED from the wow client? It’s not an option to keep “compatibility”

Oh come on Shauren, I know you want to get bnet working on 3.3.5a :slight_smile:

– Brian

There are probably differences with the database and whatnot.
Guessing you meant can the different packets be separated from each other to be redirected to different servers? So basically just have one auth on one port but otherwise everything could just be as if there were 2 DB etc.
In that case (didnt look at code etc) I think the client reports it’s version probably and that could be used, or maybe the opcodes or authentication otherwise are different and could be used to detect the version and redirect to right DB etc.

Really I was just asking in terms of… say I have things configured so that… um… realmlist.wtf points to sub.domain.com for my 3.3.5a TC install but wanted to setup a 6.x TC install. There’s no way there could be a wrapper so the 6.x and 3.3.5 both listen on sub.domain.com.

Then I remembered that connection with a 6.x client isn’t as simple as just editing a file in a text editor (ie: no .wtf file, 4.x+ all require a modified executable).


4.3.4 can connect with unmodified binary using authserver, and 3.3.5a and 4.3.4 can share 4.3.4 auth db.

Oh? I thought that was one of the big Cataclysm changes… Might have to set up a 4.x realm just to see how bad Deathwing wrecked my second home.

If i u understand it well we can use db just separate world db and use 2 worldserver one for wotlk and one for cata ? but 1 authserver ?

you can do 3.3.5a and 4.3.4 with 1 auth db and authserver (in case you are running 3.3.5a server you need to run https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/blob/4.3.4/sql/base/auth_database_conversor_335a_to_434.sql into your auth database, if you want to add 5.x or higher, i can’t help on that.

is it 4.3.4 stable and blizzlike i use wortlk now but thinking to test a little bit of cata