335 Custom Commands


how i can enable custom commands in the RBAC System ?

all my custom commands work fine befor the Command RBAC patch come /emoticons/default_sad.png

Either add the correct permission ID to command table in world database for the commands or edit the c++ scripts to have the correct permission ID (a permission ID linked to a role you want to use the commands)

All your custom commands should have a RBAC permissions assigned. So add the new permission in RBAC.h (use the custom range or you will have problems in the future with TC).

  • Create new permission (rbac_permission) in the custom range.

  • Assign the permission to a role. If you are using the default TC setup with basic roles, assign to the proper one (search for roles containing Command in the name). rbac_role_permissions

  • Assign permission to command. Either c++ code or db (command table)

That’s all.

Hmm ok thx.

Spp why you dont make to the RBAC System a RBAC management tool, i think this make the RBAC system simpler.