4.3.4 item stats on 3.3.5?

I’m looking for a way to mass alter items in a 3.3.5DB to match the stats of a 4.3.4DB (so the items look right when looked up on wowhead), but have ran into an issue.

I’m using the DBC from cata as my base values, and can use it to update the quality, item level, stats and spells, but have ran into two problems.

  1. Armour and Damage, I read these were now calculated via game, but Ive not managed to spot the formula to do so (and also dont yet know how to do any complex maths in a sql statement, but I can figure that out I think)

  2. The stat count, this again is probably my limitation with SQL, but I havent figured a way to count the number of fields, stat1 and above that have a value of >1 and use that value for that field.

I guessed someone may have probably done this before, but forum search and google havent shown up anything, (was checking so I wasnt reinventing the wheel)

I’m not at my Dev machine currently, so Im unable to post the SQL I have so far, but will do once I am there

Any help or pointers would be greatly apriciated