4.3.4 Phase System


I will try some things with the Phase System from the 4.3.4 Branch, but i found a problem, that i can not solve. I will spawn a Creature or a Gameobject in Phase 1 and 2. Before the new System implemented, you must give the Creature the PhaseMask 3 to see it in the two different Phase. Now with the new System, did this not working.

When i set the PhaseId to 3, so i can only see the creature in Phase 3, but not in Phase 1 / 2. Set PhaseId to 1 or 0 and set the PhaseMask to 3, nothing happens, except that the Creature now in Phase 1 or 0.

I try some ways, but i did make it that i can see the creature in Phase 1 and 2.

Can me Help anybody here? Thanks for Help

okey okey, ich found some things around the phasing system, with spells and phasexphasegroup.dbc. But now when a creature has phasegroup entry it is see ever in phase 0. Why can i make that the creature not appears in Phase 0 but in his phases from phasegroup?