[4.3.4] Void Storage Items + Transmog.

This isn’t a formal request, I’m mainly posting this as an idea for people who enjoy tinkering around…

In Cataclysm we will have access to Transmogrification and Void Storage. In MoP Blizzard added functions to the API that allows using items in void storage in transmogrification without needing to withdraw them (depositing costs a lot of gold).




lua script posted here

/run local voidSlot, invSlot = 25, 1 UseVoidItemForTransmogrify(voidSlot, invSlot)

/run local voidSlot = 25 local _, link = GetItemInfo(GetVoidItemInfo(voidSlot)) print(“The item in Void Storage slot #”, voidSlot, “is”, link)

Again, this API is actually patched in somewhere around 5.2 so it won’t be available to us in the 4.3.4 client but using the API docs. and LUA example, someone with time on their hands could probably implement similar functionality in the 4.3.4 core, possibly as a command script.

Not directly related to those API functions but I implemented both void storage and transmog on Trinity 4.3.4

Cool, I figured someone would.

What I posted is the ability to use items in the Void Storage as Transmog targets without having to withdraw them. In 5.2 Blizz added the API and supposedly in 5.3 they’re adding the UI elements to the bank and VS.

This article talks about it:

If you’re a fan of mogging whose bags are already full to bursting, then MMO-Champion brings good news: in patch 5.3, you’ll be able to transmogrify using items that are currently in the bank or void storage. The ability is actually already in the game for void storage, but there’s no UI elements that let you access it.

This feature would be a nice custom bit for 4.3.4 as a command script available to all security levels.