[6.X] Dreanor Spawns & Sniffer Questions

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i was trying out the 6.X Core and there was no Spawns in Dreanor.
So i want to Sniff them from Live and add them my Self. If i manage to get it to work i will share my Work.

I need some help.
Im complete new to sniffing/parsing. And the last time i was setting up a Privatserver is some years ago.
Some month ago i made my degree in Software dev. so i got “some” C# & SQL knowledge.

Im compiling the Core and Parser myself.

My sniffing attemps
I was walking around in Dreanor/Gorgrond for testing to get some spawns.
I got a 2MB .pkt Package and try to parse the creatures and i got some data out that looks not correct to me.

- The names of the creatures not working, looks like some utf-8 problem.
- The data dont look correct, and dont match the TDB tables. for example:
[...] modelid1=32784, modelid2=117440512, name='�', rank=1852130080, family=1851877746, type=1866932324 [...]

The parsed SQL is producing errors like this:
Out of range value for column ‘modelid2’ at row 1
Out of range value for column ‘rank’ at row 1
Out of range value for column ‘family’ at row 1

Can you help me getting this to work?

See attachments.

- FreddyLIE




Question is what is your computers default input output language?
This MIGHT be your conflict as your char set may be different and could render SQL improperly
Also you also may want to check your charset on your db and make sure it is utf8

This is all i can come up as to possible issues…
I hope this points you to the issue :slight_smile:
Ill try to replicate the issue and if I can Ill know what your error is.
What is your native language so i can set my pc to it? and try to parse

Thats a good point. I was thinking the same. But i Switches only the Game client language.

After i saw the column "name" with this weird UTF-8 stuff i switched my Game client to English. With the same output.
I tried with x64 and x32 client and with both x64 and x32 sniffer and i tried crossing them -> x64 client with x32 sniffer.
When i Open the SQL file with Notepad++ i tryed to convert the file to ANSI, UTF8, [..]
My Windows is German.
My WoW is English.
The Databases are in UTF-8.

Can a wrong charset/system language explain these big numbers in the columns "rank", "family", "type" ?
And what tables i need to config to "true" in the Packet Parser to get only the Spawns?
I dont want Quests, Items ... i just want to export the Creature spawns. All i get from the Parser is the Table "creature_template" is this the right table?
  • FreddyLIE

Little update.

I think it is my compiled Parser...
I downloaded the Release "Nightly build" from the bottom of this page:


And i put my Config in it. And now i get working results. The area i was sniffing is now Spawned.
Some of the NPC got waypoints and moving correct… not bad. Even the Flypoint NPC is working.

Now i got a other question
The “guid” column in the SQL file got these entries “@CGUID+0”, “@CGUID+1”, “@CGUID+2” […].
How can i automatically fill this to match my DB after the last guid to count on?
For testing i replaced “@CGUID+” → “5000”.
The table “creature_template_addon” in the output is filled with “UNKNOWN” and gives me errors. What to do with this?

I put my SQL in the attachments
The spawns are in Gorgrond south. I walked from south Gorgrond “Beastwatch” to north to the Flypoint “Breaker’s Crown, Gorgrond”.
And the Fly point NPC at “Breaker’s Crown, Gorgrond” is working :slight_smile:

- Freddy G.


Do you find any solution ?

I got the [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]@CGUID thing to work.

This is a Variable, its need to be set at the beginning.
Look in your Database for the highest guid to set this Variable.
For example your highest guid is 5999999 you set “@CGUID” to 6000000…

At the top of the SQL file the variable need to be set for example like this:

SET @CGUID := 6000000;

With this line the other lines will be calculated automatically:
@CGUID+1 = 6000001
@CGUID+2 = 6000002
@CGUID+3 = 6000003

But there is a Problem/Bug
The apostrophes need to be removed in each line:

Change every line from this:
(‘@CGUID+0’, 88999, 1116 …
(‘@CGUID+1’, 88999, 1116 …
(‘@CGUID+2’, 88999, 1116 …
To this (no apostrophes around variable):
(@CGUID+0, 88999, 1116 …
(@CGUID+1, 88999, 1116 …
(@CGUID+2, 88999, 1116 …

My Fixed Test-SQL file in attachments
(Some Spawns in south Gorgrond, see my last post)

- Freddy G.


Thanks you man :slight_smile:

What about the "UNKNOWN" case ?
It's same for 'creature_model_info', 'creature_text' and 'gossip_menu'.

I dont know.
I hope someone can help us.

- Freddy G.

Replace the UNKNOWNs by proper values (in most cases it will be 0).

Yeah, what about “Hotfixes” ? how I can dump them ?

I will be watching also to see response as Hotfixes are a bit of an unknown for me

@FreddyLIE Sorry I was away to long to provide you help
But i see you got a bit of it sorted
Ok yes SET @CGUID 12345 and SET @OGUID 12345 tell where to start with the batch into your creature and object tables Without this it would just write over what you have in your spawns

Putting the guids up say 10000 past last spawn gives you room to work and apply new spawns from TC Generally this is what i do when testing a fix but i keep the sql so i can delete or remove so im back to a fresh TDB when things dont match up or cause more errors in logs

All of hotfix database used by 6.x is filled from data from one opcode - SMSG_DB_REPLY (atm WPP doesn’t handle filling all hotfix tables we use)

Thank you very much @Shauren