64 bit client

The future will be possible to use the 64 bit client?


You can use the 64 bit client if you wish, if you find a patcher for it, that is.

I remember the 64bit client had a ton of problems, bugs, etc… In fact Blizzard stopped supporting it because of the number of complaints they were getting.

Adding to what Subv stated, Blizzard stopped supporting the client even before the next expansion came out and the disclaimer they provided stated it was a beta. Having a 64bit client had a better load time when loading models, images, but not much more of an improvement with the overall experience in the game.

I was using the 64 bit client from day one and it was great, never had any issues with it. The only problem that i was aware of was the ingame voice chat was broken, which who the fuck uses that in the first place?

Edit: And i don’t believe they stopped supporting it, last i saw they moved it from being a seperate download to automatically included (and supported by the launcher).

That was for that expansion (15595), unless you are referring to today’s expansion.

Yes now launcher detect your system version and sets 32/64bit support.

Why are on Earth on you using the Launcher?

Anyways, to the original post you requested, like I said, it will be almost impossible to find the 64bit patches for 15595 or ealier.