CAS Issue

I am not at my development box, sitting in class so the specifics will be vague. my apologies.

After Blizzard updated the client this morning,I did a pull and rebuilt TC, then patched WoW. When opening Wow_Patched, I got a CAS Error. Something to the effect of it cannot connect, was looking for github.io/TrinityCore I believe.

Has anyone else experienced this yet today?

Edit: I will update this when I get home from Class.

It is similar to this error?
the same happens to me with Warlords of Draenor but 6.2.4 build 21742


try to patch again.

Sorry @Aokromes been working on a launcher for my internal test server based on TC. When I got home from class that day I rebooted everything, worldserver, bnetserver and my wow client and everything worked. It was odd. I have my server setup to rebuild tonight via cron and will test again tomorrow morning but for now all is good.