7.2.0 Loading problems.

Hello everyone. I’d like to start by saying, I am EXTREMELY new at this whole private server thing. My knowledge on scripting and database editing is extremely limited, though I think I’m getting the gist of the basic stuff. At the very least, I can locate desired text with relative ease, though I’m still learning exactly what’s written where. So, I am extremely sorry in advance if the fix is super simple. I’m not very familiar with this kind of thing, and thought turning to these forums would help me. However, with my lack of knowledge, I wouldn’t know where to begin to look anyway. Another note, I got my server files from the Apex Team website, and did not compile my own server. (As if that were a surprise to you at this point.) Anyway, I apologize for the rambling.

My issue is, the lack of things loading in the game. Surprisingly enough, I actually got my server running, and things are working pretty good. Unfortunately, a lot of NPC’s load slowly, or sometimes not at all. The etire Demon Hunter starting area is completely devoid of all life beyond my character. The map loads, but no enemies, or other NPC’s will, making it impossible for me to level without resorting to GM commands.There is also an issue with the post-vanilla instances (from what I’ve seen at least. Siege of Orgrimmar, Stratholme, Dragon Soul, and Old Hillsbrad Foothills being the only ones I’ve thoroughly tested) not having the instance portal. Most still work however, with the exception of SoO, so I guess I can’t complain too much about it. I should mention that I tested these on a GM account, so I can’t say for certain if the problem persists, though I have tested things on a non-GM account, and there is a partial issue with tutorials not going away, quests auto-accepting/turning in themselves and leaving a broken dialog box, and the ‘Clean Up Bags’ button essentially locking my inventory so I can’t sell, move, use, or equip anything. More extensive testing will be coming as I progress.

My major question is, am I able to find a quick fix for this, or should I just find new files and try to learn to compile my own server?

TL;DR Things won’t load in a 7.2 server, I’m an idiot, please help.

that’s why 7.2.0 branch is under the “no recommended for starters” label.

So in other words, I’m not getting help. Great. Thanks anyway I guess.

I am just wondering why you do not try to follow the wiki by installing your own server instead of using one that is already been made this way you can learn the process it takes and get your feet wet to the server side then ask for help if needed, cannot really help when you are using some other server that has already been made or another repack.

No, in other words “7.2.0 is alpha and known to have all those things you said (and more) broken”

Ah. I’d like to apologize. I took your original statement as “You don’t know what you’re doing so I won’t help you.” That’s obviously not the case though. I just searched these forums and google for hours and everyone seemed to be having a pretty easy time with things, so I was under the impression that things were farther along than they were. As I said, my knowledge in coding and scripting is pretty limited, but I do know some pretty basic level entry stuff, so I will do what I can to pretend to help.

I looked over the wiki, and followed some of it to get it into a running state since the guide I had was extremely vague. However, I am absolutely terrible at building my own stuff. I tried making a text based adventure a couple years ago, and only ended up getting a couple screens out of it because of an issue of it automatically closing itself. Since there wasn’t an error in the coding, I couldn’t really debug it. Moral of the story, I suck at everything. I have been wanting to get back into the game though, and since I’m passionate enough about this, I feel like this is an extremely big, but good first step.

Might I recommend that you try and start with 335a (wrath private serv), and play with that?

IMO. 335a wiki is easier and 10x more stable, as well as bit more complete. Not 100%, but at least the wiki is pretty fool proof. Once your feet is wet and gained more experience, you can try 7.2x