8.0.1 master branch - How to connect ?

I compiled the master branch on my linux server at home (home network). Server seems to run fine, ports are open and configured.

Now i want to connect with the client, but there is no connection patcher or a working launcher for it. How can i connect ?

Already tried setting portal in config.wtf, tried something called “arcium launcher” but i only get “You have been disconnected”. The logs are complete empty exept for CPU, Sound and such.

i have same PROBLEM .

i try some ways

disable firewill

check port ip and port ip:1119

and …

port 1119 is not the only one you need open, there is also 8081

For the Arctium launcher you need to specify the argument --sandbox WoW.exe with the 8.0.1 versions and that should fix the disconnect issues. I usually just make a .bat file to do that for me.

Is there a solution which would allow Linux/Wine users to start 8.0.1 clients and connect to TrinityCore master? Can we patch the binary somehow?

im looking for the same issue, nothing found yet…

Hi, having same issue on

Did you find a solution?


EDIT: Never mind, used Arctium launcher… Realm was incompatible; edited build in the MySQL. Seem to work now