A guide to Spawndist(To be more Blizlike)

A guide to Spawndist(To be more Blizlike)

By TAABOY (DEC-2016)

This is written for the people that are trying to find or experiment with the movement of creatures in the world for EMU WOW. With countless database backup reloads, and reading all information available on the net, with many different types of EMU’s. I have summerized data, this is my opinion the best way about going about it.
From this moment forward , following meaning will be used in this guide.
Mobs = NPC/Creatures
NPC = Guards / Trainers / Vendors / Questgivers.
Creatures = all other mobs (including all other killable open world humaniods).

 The meaning of Spawndist in relation to wow emu's ,it is the distance the Mobs moves away from its original spawn location, so to make it more blizlike instead of statue like Mobs in the emu world , we add some movement. To do this we have to add a value to the creature table(spawnDist) and (Movementtype) . We can just go blanket sql on all the Mobs, but i have found that can cause massive problems for nearby/limited space or named/patrol Mobs. Can be said that blanket entry in creature table for certain creature id entry is possible if limited to 5 or 10 yard radius ,but only after checking that you are not going to stuff up entries that have waypoint attach creatures with the same creature id entry in the creature table. There are exception to everything but waypoints is a different subject and not covering this here.
 Creature Table:
 Spawndist = 1 to 100 Yards.
 Movementtype = 0(Standstill) 1 (Random movement inside the spawndist radius) 2(Waypoint Movement) .
 Creature_Template Tables:
 InhabitType = 0(Ground) 2(Water/Swim) 4(Flying) 8(Rooted)
 Hoverheight = Distance From spawned location height ,effects mostly flying mobs ,Setting 1/2/3 in table. (example = Vulture flying in the air instead of flying along the ground), (More Data required for Flying NPC Patrols).
 Movementtype = (Don't Play with it unless you know what you are doing, as this is supposing to set all entries of that creature to override the setting in creature GUID).
 More Details can be found here [https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/creature_template](https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/creature_template)
 Recommended for Novice's don't play with the NPC movement's, some have waypoints and you will stuff them up and if you complain to the DEV's they are not going to help you.
 So to make this easy, it is best that you make some macro's and mount up ride around to every creature and set spawndist manually for the locations that they reside to and not to break creatures that have waypoints attach to them.
 macro command : set different distances for example:
  .npc set spawndist 5
 People have asked me to put up the spawndist that i have done for most of my Cata world but then realised that all EMU's are different and Version of release's with different GUID's in the creature table of the database. So i have written this guide to help the others out there to do this for themselves in game for the novice and with some entries into the database if required for the more knowledgeable.
 For additional information not covered or want to add, please comment and if you want to RANT B.S you have the right too but back up your comments.
 Thank you for reading
 P.S Also like to thank the people out there that i have read some information from, but as this information i have read is up to 3 to 5 years old i can't say they are still active.

Welcome to the community.

Have you actually tried TC?

Not sure about other “emus” that you are talking about, but TC is the closest blizzlike that comes. The spawndist and movement is the closest to 3.3.5a retail from those days of wow.

Thank you…

Yes I have and that off many others from Vanilla/BC/WOTLK/Cata/MOP EMU’s now Legion, And the spawndist and movement are not even close to the retail versions. I have played since the start of wow and still play to this day(Current Legion Version) I do this as a project to keep my mind supple. Testing with range finder addon from new spawns in retail and watching the numbers and random movement.

TC 3.2.5a DB Spawndist/movement Still needs more work

TC Master DB Spawndist/movement Needs complete overhaul (Spawns / Waypoints / deprecated creatures /replace with new versions)

OFFTOPIC : But need to be talk somewhere else, no good doing scripts when spell and mobs have different ID’s/Models and deprecated value’s ,if Dbase not upto date how are the hard working dev’s suppose to fix with scripts if they don’t have all the required information.