A minor nit with the build process

I happen to be using mySQL 5.5.9 (on windows). And when I looked over my build, I found the file mysql_version.h which contained info that I was using 5.1.50. Although looking over the scripts, the include directory was set correctly to the 5.5.9 directory on my system so I think my build is okay.

Anyway, I looked through the build scripts and found the following. (Following the build instructions.)

When you do the initial configure, the default is to use USE_MYSQL_SOURCES. So, when it executes the dep/CMakeLists.txt on a windows system, it adds the subdiretory mysqllite - which is then created in the build and the mysql_version.h created with hardcoded version info from dep/mysqllite/CMakeLists.txt.

This would be okay, except that when you unselect the option for using mysql sources, it doesn’t remove the mysqllite directory or remove/regenerate the mysql_version.h when you run configure again.

This is a nit, but the version info could be misleading for someone trying to debug a problem.

You don’t need to worry about fixing it for me. I suspect this is the kind of case that the Preload.cmake is for. But since today is my first time using cmake, I’ll play around with that tomorrow. It’s late…