A re-loadable dll, that contains custom scripts only.

What if trinitycore added an optional project, that handles custom scripts written outside of the “blizzlike” domain.

Here is the link for what im talking about:

[/URL][URL=“http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-emulator-servers/wow-emu-general-releases/293294-trinitycore-c-reloadable-dlls-xsi.html”][TrinityCore C++] Reloadable DLLs [XSI]

But only making it for custom scripts, not moving any of the content that is currently in trinity, just adding an optional project that loads a dll to the core and can unload dll for changes in the scripts.

this also might make testing newly created blizzlike scripts much easier.

I repeat, This is not for trinity core, it will be completely separate from trinitycore and external only tiny edits will be made and one more configuration option that enables reloadable dll for custom scripts.

i nkow this is possible, but im talking about. Can you accept this, or should i not even bother.

“I repeat, This is not for trinity core, it will be completely separate from trinitycore and external only tiny edits”

"Can you accept this, or should i not even bother. "


Anyway, I see that that repo is not updated since 2010; will it even work with current changes? Did you test it?

Is there a clean patch that can be applied?

This was created when trinity had a separate DLL for scripts.

But im aiming to make this dll only for new custom scripts, and does not load unless configuration option is enabled.

It will work with current changes, just requires update, i am still in contact with the main developer and he is willing to update it for a price.

That’s your solution to everything? Being the asshole & creature I was called in the other topic: GTFO.

Epic fail. Maybe there is justification for your spitefulness Nay but this is an example of everything that’s wrong with the Trinity attitude. Say a new person wanders into the Trinity forums and sees someone ask a question and then someone with “developers” title ripping that person a new one. Even if you’re justified it reflects badly on the community.

Yeah, sure.

By the way, this is another of my ideas that I got berated for, I even brought the original author to IRC and tried to get him on the dev team, no one would even speak with him.

Im welling to pay him for updating it, i just want to know if its actually not going to be wasted like his first release.

Also Nayd, you called your self an asshole in the other topic, i was just reconfirming it.

If you have to put money into it to fix it up…who is going to look after it the next time support breaks, or the time after that?

My time does not allow me to maintain this project.

Want some respect? Try showing some. Just a suggestion.

Spectre was an AspireDev guy, wasn’t he?

I remember this being a pretty big deal when it was released, it might be worth looking into.

Interesting, however it will NOT work for anything other than Windows in that repo’s implementation.

I wonder how it handles reloading the DLL while scripts are running, I guess it just leaves the script there as a mem leak

Subv, I think i remember hearing a while ago in some irc that he’d actually gotten some sort of Linux support working, he just didn’t release it because the original release didn’t get much of a reception and he assumed no one was all that interested.

He created the linux support, but its unfinished.

I think this project needs this kind of optional addon.

I’m not sure why you’d even pay the guy, I wasn’t aware of the topic but I can update the code to work in the current core.

I’ll even build VAS, AHBot, and Transmog for it if the authors of the respective mods are okay with it.

Seriously? Paying? To update it? No thanks! Next time he need a update, will you pay for it again?? I don’t think so!

Also, about loading the patches/addons in separate, i already suggested that in another topic.

Devs should look into that.