A Worthy Weapon


I’m running a local TC machine and I’ve run on a problem with a quest. (I’m running on TDB 2011_06_18 and TC from 2011_07_10)

The Argent Tournament daily quest A Worthy Weapon requires you to stand inside the Drak’mar Offering Circle and use the item Winter Hyacinth to summon the Maiden so she’ll give you the sword to complete the quest, but the server doesn’t detect when a player is inside the ring, and therefore I think the whole event is not scripted in any way.

So the thing I want to know and need help with is; since the item starts the event (summons the Maid, sitting on a waterlily, who spawns the GO infront of you to loot) only when a player is inside the ring and uses the item, how do I go around to fix this? Since the flowers (items) start an event, it is only reasonable to apply a C++ patch which contains all the coding for the event and then add database-wise support for it afterwards, but are there any examples I can go from?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Ps. Is this the correct section?



no, the issues tracker is the proper place for reporting issues.

try reading here or here

I stated clearly in the topic description that this wasn’t a bug report.

“The server doesn’t detect when the player is inside of the circle” .

The core automatically detects spellfocuses (in this case spell 62629 has Requires Spell Focus 1597). So for the casting of the spell, you need to add the correct gameobject in this case, its the Drak’Mar Offering Circle. The whole event should be scheduled using the event scripts (since the spell sends an event script). I hope that’s enough info to get you started.

It would really be better if people who don’t use the bug tracker could just post on the forums and people who want to help but don’t know how to fix things can move forum reports to the bug tracker. I don’t see why the developers can’t happily ignore forum bug reports if they want without just bitching every time someone posts something bug related to the forums. But go ahead and keep beating newbs up on the forums who don’t want to use bug trackers or figure out the proper way to post reports there. As much as you might want every user of Trinity to be a developer also it’s never going to happen and constantly berating people who may never use the bug tracker is insane. I actually tried to use the bug tracker once and found it annoying and confusing because I really didn’t know enough about the internals of Trinity to feel comfortable posting a decent bug report there. But maybe a jumbled crappy bug report on the tracker is still better than forum ramblings…

I don’t see anyone being beat up in this post?

I posted SAI for this a while back. It needed core work for it to work properly. I asked for help but no one answered.

I’d say some people did fix it for their own money making server though and didn’t share the fix with the community.

Not this one, but I skim the forums regularly and that’s the impression I get overall. I sympathize with the developers who have to endure constant newb whining, etc. I just never report anything not working because the bug tracker seemed to want information I wasn’t sure I had the correct answers to.

I appreciate all your replies. Thanks.

As to the thing with devs/moderation “bashing” people for not posting a bug report in the tracker; I just want to add my 2 cents to that matter. (1) the one who posted something totally irrelevant and unnecessary was Paradox, an ordinary member (not mod/dev), who replied without reading much of the thread which clearly said in the topic description that this wasn’t a bug report, and (2), I only requested help and would like to discuss this piece of undone work with fellow users who might add their thoughts and contributions for the community, not solely for me.

Anyway, I hope this reply will be the last reply that goes offtopic.

And what do you need or where did you ask?