about increasing stats

Hello, I do have the following questions. Where to do the following edits in the core to:

[ul][li]damage done by melee and ranged[/li][li]damage done by spell power[/li][li]healing done[/li][li]periodic healing done[/li][li]periodic damage done[/li][li]health given by stamina from items[/li][/ul]
An exemple of what I mean is:

[ul][li]if 1 stamina gives 10 HP, I would like to increase it to give 1 stamina > 1000 hp[/li][/ul]


return baseStam + (moreStam*10.0f);

return baseStam + (moreStam*1000.0f);

Most of the other stats you are looking to boost are there as well. However, I would do it in item_template in the mySQL database instead of the core if your wanting to increase everything.

Or, do it there in a way that adds options to the config file and submit a pull request to get it added to the repo.

thanks, would be cool if I find the place where health is given by stamina from ITEMS

Why not just subtract the stamina for the player found in http://archive.trinitycore.info/Player_levelstats_tc2 from his total stamina?

Because I also do increase stats for items, and found where to increase hp gain by stamina from items

Why do you need a separate rate for health gain from stamina for items when you can simply adjust the stamina provided by items via sql?

Because of the cool item stats, let me give you an exemple:

I have a helm with 5400 stamina and 4800 strength, so normally that 5400 stamina should give 54k hp. So with some core edits that stamina would give 500k HP, is like amdwow 2.4.3 server side stats

so the problem is that you are hitting integer overflow limits on your item stats?

I guess so