Account Messages

Anyone knows the opcode and packet structure?

think it’s addon

Not an addon.

You need a custom client patch for this (you cant write addons for GlueXML/login screen) - so this wont be supported by TrinityCore OR alternatively get everyone to overwrite system hosts file with an entry for

Either way, this is done over http requests, not standard game opcodes

He wrote in video description " [COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]This is a implementation of account messages for World of Warcraft. It has always been implemented in the client but never actually used.".

[SIZE=13px]For me it sounds, that this is still implemented and doesnt need a client modification.[/SIZE]

Why not sending him a message on yt and ask - it’s probably not that hard to use if it’s already implemented. Post here if you get an answer, I’d like to know aswell how to use this feature.

Already sent him a message but no answer :confused:

is there any way to find how this is happen ?!

i’m interest about it

I googled a bit and came up with this link here (example):

It’s the same guy and according to his reputation on this forum and his amount of posts he is quite an expert. Maybe contact him there to get further infos.

edit: This looks like the guide you people have been looking for: you’re welcome :slight_smile: