Achievements for all characters at 1 account

Hey, i have a question,

do you mean it would be possible to script, btw. is there already a script for the following idea:

All characters should get all achievements together, so that would mean

Character A gets the Achievement for the Netherwings, and Character B on the same account gains that too

Would this be possible??

Obviously possible.

Hard to do? Maybe… Unlikely that hard. Probably needs just a few more queries or query changes to the part saving the achievements so they are saved for all characters of the account.

Could also make a huge change so the achievements are not stored for players individually, but that would be slightly harder and require more edits.

Doing same with pets, mounts,rep…would be also a good deal to go.

jep the first part would be the achievements…

You’d also have to give achievements to new characters on the account, which would probably require a lot more effort.


Some people come up with the weirdest shit.

MoP like achievement system.

At least this one is relatively easy to implement, it’s not the craziest of the ideas we’ve seen here.

most simple approach (in my oppinion) would be: change the characterGUID in the achievements table to a account guid, and then just handle the population of achievements on player login properly.