Adding an item every 10 minutes to player's inventory

I’d like to write a code that would add an item to the player’s inventory every 10 minutes spent in-game, the problem is that I got no idea where I should start. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Better make the first one a bigger bag. /emoticons/default_tongue.png

probably some kind of lame tokens like they give for voting and donating, bleh.

Does it really matter what do we need it for? It is for a hardcore Role-Playing server, where we want to add gold to player’s inventory. We tried to put the code in the broadcast, but it didnt work, really.

look at the weather system , you can find somethings in there .

For what? To make it rain inside their bags? /emoticons/default_happy.png

Just add a timer into Player::Update which counts down every 10 minutes and add an item when resetting the timer as it reaches zero.