All along the watchtowers issue


while playing through wow 3.3.5a I am up to all along the watchtowers quest at level 58 and the beacons are saying no target found when I am in the correct location to mark the towers.

I have looked on the issue list and there is a db edit and I have done that and still the same thing is happening.

I am using TrinityCore 3.3.5a, rev 6892404b270f+ 2017-04-26

I have gone to all 4 towers and have clicked on the Beacon Torch item in the door way of the towers and it looks like it starts to use the item but then says “You have no target” but when I go outside the tower or inside it says “Requires Andorhal Tower”.

I have not seen any other issues on this on the tracker and the one I found does not work to use the item on the doorway area?