All class patch

I found all the things need to get the All class all race working but when I set it in the character have armor and are creatable but most don’t have spells and those that do have the wrong spells. Is there any fully working all class patches. I have the part that you place in the DBCs and the Patch for the WoWData folder. I just need a working sql for it. Any one plz help.

It’s not our custom to help with client editing.

I don’t think you actually read his request… or you’re purposefully being obtuse. Although, the request is kind of a lazy man’s request.

Just go into world.playercreateinfo tables and add in the spells and items you want them to have @ start using the current info that is there already. Or make a SQL for those tables and run it. They are well documented here:

client editing plain and simple, even though he wants help with the part that isn’t strictly client editing, we still support client editing if we help him.

No, it isn’t. Had he just said, “I need some help with Simple Query Language to add items, and spells to players on login,” we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Someone would have linked him the same link I did and a snarky remark about google.

You just saw ‘DBC’ and decided not to help at that point.

OK let’s see, if you walk into a smoke shop and ask for a device to smoke tobacco, they will point you to the pipes, etc. If you ask for the devices to smoke weed from, they will tell you they can’t help you (in states where it’s still illegal, of course) even though it’s the exact same devices. it’s called plausible deniability.

Okay, I get what you’re saying, just needed a weed analogy to get it through my foggy brain. Point taken /emoticons/default_biggrin.png