All Spell Scripts

Where would I find all the generic spells? IE Spell 785 etc etc. I’ve noticed an issue with Mind Control where after the encounter you run back to the npc that had you mcd and I would like to look into spell 785 to see if I can’t find the issue.

/// @todo For some weird reason boss does not cast this
// Spell actually works, tested in duel
DoCast(SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM, 0, 0.0f, true), SPELL_TRUE_FULFILLMENT, true);
events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FULLFILMENT, urand(20000, 30000));
break;Spell Actually does work. Problem is the aftermath of the spell. I actually ported to Dalaran and out of my control ran to the bottom of the map and continued to try to run to AQ40.

Depending on the spell effect of the spell, one of these functions will be executed: