Allowing un-usable spells in istances

Hi everyone, I’m using a compiled core of Trinity Core (4.3.4) to film a Machinima, we are setting up the scenes and we had a problem. We needed to combat inside Shadowfang Keep, so I altered AreaTable.dbc to make duels possible inside that istance and everything worked fine. Anyway during the duel no one can use a spell (id=93710), it says “You can’t use that here”, if we try to cast it everywhere else then it works, but we can’t actually try to cast it in other istances as duels aren’t allowed and as this spell works only on players. What could be blocking the spell from beign casted ? And is there a way to remove it ? Thanks in advice.

I’m not sure if u found the fix or not. I’m still kinda new to messing with this stuff but I no for changing all class to be played with all you’ll need to make a patch for the client as well as add the dbc to the core. Hope this helps