Alterac Valley (Non-Battleground)

So i know it’s possible to make AV unistanced through DBC edits. And I’m aware this part is not supported by trinity.

But I’m wondering if anyone knows if the Battleground_AV script can be ported to function on the map, meaning the NPC’s/objects that are handled in BattlegroundAV.h and alterac_valley.cpp will be spawned ( even though the Battleground didn’t start )

I hope someone has a way todo this,

Thanks in advance.

You can do this with client edits or by overriding the map entry in the core (take a look at

The field you need is InstanceType which has a short description at

I guess you want to change AV from an normal BG to a BF like Wintergrasp.

You could create a new class which extends from Battlefield ( Then start porting the AV code.

If you need help, just write a pm.