An updated AHBot - No neutral buying option


I posted this in its own thread so it could get a little exposure. Given how rapid the AHBot thread is expanding, there would be a good chance that this would be missed as a “reply” to that thread.

I do not plan to keep updating this so maybe +Aokromes will use this as the version he periodically updates for everyone.


In case anyone is interested, here is a modified version of AHBot that will allow you to disable the bot from buying auctions at the neutral auctionhouses.

In official wow, the neutral AH was the only way players could exchange auctions across factions (for example your Alliance character to your Horde character). With the original version of AHBot this was problematic because the bot might buy the auction before you could switch characters.

The attached patch is the same as the one +Aokromes is providing except for the new config option “EnableBuyerNeutral” which by default is disabled to prevent buying.


To +Aokromes: Feel free to use this version as the one you keep updated and if you choose to do that, feel free to merge this into the huge AHBot thread.

The patch was built on hash: c28345e279f31af2fa32df2411325ccfabe06fc8

AHBot.patch (full AHBot with no neutral patch)

AHBot_noNeutral_only.patch (no neutral patch only, requires standard AHBot patch)

Very likely no longer valid.

With AHBot being in the core, the patch will probably not apply however the ability to disable neutral buying could be added as a feature now.

I’ll leave these patches here for anyone who’s running an older core but I won’t be supporting them.

Thanks MrSmite! I d/l’ed the ahbot.patch you have posted here and reverted back to the c28345e279f31af2fa32df2411325ccfabe06fc8 version…works like a champ! Even has glyphs listed in the AH now! Seriously! Had to change auctionhousebot data in MySQL’s minitems and maxitems in the characters.auctionhousebot.minitems to 1000, and characters.auctionhousebot.maxitems to 20000, and ‘AuctionHouseBot.VendorItems = 1’ in the worldserver.conf. But my DK was able to get a glyph out of AH now. /emoticons/default_smile.png