April hotfix revamp - hotfixes no longer working?

Hey there,

I’ve recently updated my core to the latest build, and discovered that the way hotfixes are handled has been revamped. There’s now a HotfixCacheID that is being sent to the client.

Now, if I’ve understood correctly, all this really means is that you need to set the ID of the hotfix_data to be equal to that of the server version’s hotfix_cache_id. So for this instance, I set it to 1.







even edited worldserver.conf


And yet, I can’t seem to edit title id 1 (Private). All this manages to do is make it so I don’t have the title in my Titles. What gives? Does the client have an internal hotfix_cache_id? I saw the client request a Creature hotfix that was unrecognized by the core–so it stands to reason that the client believes it is “behind” in hotfixes and knows what to “expect” from hotfixes, but I am not sure how the client knows this. I tried setting the hotfix cache id to 1m to get ahead of a possible internal cache id, but that hadn’t worked either.

How are hotfixes supposed to be dished out in the latest version?

Annoyingly, I’ve realized my mistake only moments later. I was doing tests to see if I can create a global_strings hotfix table, but due to those tests hotfixes 1, 2, 9999999 etc were all cached in my dbcache.bin. Primitively, clearing the cache was all that was required. And for the curious, no, it seems like the client can receive an invalidation request for a GlobalStrings.db2 row, but it doesn’t seem to want to receive a GlobalStrings.adb file. Or, cache it in DBCache.bin, I should say, for version 725.

Edit: Actually went and checked DBCache.bin and the hotfix for GlobalStrings was right there. So I don’t know why it didn’t work, but I suppose it just means there’s a reason there isn’t a hotfix table for every db2.