Arena Grandmaster Quest

Had just finished moving everything over to trinitycore from a mangos server. I only moved characters and items and what quests they were on. Along with guild data.

Apaprently though and I dont know if this was happening on mangos also but the Arena Grandmaster quest has above it on the quest log: “Missing header! (quest designers)”

Seen in the attached file. Anyone know by chance how this can be fixed offhand? I read through the quest template database in the world section but its not off hand showing me anything I personally can see to cause the issue.

If you need any further debug info I will be glad to get it. I cant get the version info from the server itself however as its all 0’s


Can you get me a debug the quest for me when you pick it up and also where are you picking the quest up at because I noticed when switching over from mangos the titles don’t always switch over, I also noticed that with the bank in Stormwind too.

I sure can. Is this process in a faq somewhere on how to do this as being new to it im not sure how to do so.

.debug quest, I do believe is the command I could be wrong on this, it has been a while since I have done any debugging.

For whatever reason apparently the server is saying There is no such subcommand. Do I need to enable this in the build process from cmake?

Did you check that the QuestSortID was set properly in the quest_template for the quest?

"QuestSortID 1932" for Example is Coldridge Vally.