Arena Ladder and PvP kills script

Hey all!

Just a word of warning, I am not brilliant with C++ scripting at all, but I have an idea for a script for my server.

Basically I need a creature gossip script that would allow a user to choose Top Killers or Top Arena teams, when either is clicked a query is run which returns the results to the gossip menu. Using a web application I managed to track down the SQL script to the following:

/* Let’s prepare our SQL statements */
$this->statements[‘trinity’] = array(
‘TopArenaTeams’ => “SELECT arenaTeamId AS arenateamid, rating, rank, name, captainGuid AS captain, type FROM arena_team WHERE type = ? ORDER BY rating DESC LIMIT ?;”,
‘TeamMembers’ => “SELECT
arena_team_member.arenaTeamId AS arenateamid,
arena_team_member.guid AS guid,
arena_team_member.personalRating AS rating,
arena_team_member.seasonGames AS games,
arena_team_member.seasonWins AS wins, AS name,
characters.class AS class,
characters.level AS level
FROM arena_team_member
RIGHT JOIN characters ON characters.guid = arena_team_member.guid
WHERE arena_team_member.arenateamid = ? ORDER BY guid ASC;”,
‘TopHKPlayers’ => “SELECT guid, name, level, race, class, gender, totalKills AS kills FROM characters WHERE totalKills > 0 ORDER BY totalKills DESC LIMIT ?;”,

However I am not too sure how to convert this into a C++ Script that would allow the gossip interaction for both sides of things, the Honorable kills and the Arena Team ladder.

Hope that somebody can help!

Many thanks in advance,



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