Arena preparation

hello people

who can write a script Cristal Arena, quick start arena with 1 minute and 30 seconds?

Cristal Arena?

if im not wrong ,

there is a Object in the beggining at the skirmish arena that when you click on it ,

arena start sooner ,

it set the arena start from 2 minute to 1 min

its some kind of “IM READY”

Any have an Idea?


Not true, there are custom servers out there with stuff like that but it isn’t from Blizzard.

You Set the Timer To 1 min when you click.

what im saying !!!

i cant understand your point /emoticons/default_huh.png

He mean this is for custom server no Blizzlike servers /emoticons/default_wink.png. Can anyone make this little Script.


Name “Fast Crystal Arena”

and you click set timer on 15 seconds…

A crystal game object that spawns at the start of an arena match that if used reduces the time for the arena match to start?.

edit Already been said sorry.