Arena queue

Hey guys, is there a way I can get information about all the players that get called for arena, for example a 2v2 queue is ready and 4 players get called - I wanna know who those 4 are. I’m having a hard time since the build in logger only logs players that are INSIDE THE ARENA THE MOMENT IT FINISHES and nothing about the other players. Talking about void Arena::EndBattleground(uint32 winner) and more specifically for (auto const& i : GetPlayers())

What revision?


[FONT=‘Courier New’]bool ArenaTeam::AddMember(ObjectGuid playerGuid)

[FONT=‘Courier New’]…[/FONT]

[FONT=‘Courier New’]…[/FONT]

[FONT=‘Courier New’]TC_LOG_DEBUG(“bg.arena”, “Player: %s [%s] joined arena team type: %u [Id: %u, Name: %s].”, playerName.c_str(), playerGuid.ToString().c_str(), GetType(), GetId(), GetName().c_str());[/FONT]

TrinityCore rev. f7758954f7b9

just turn on your debug or modify the TC_LOG_DEBUG, I gave the example above

No that’s not what I was talking about about. I am talking about when you get called to a match. When an arena match starts, not when someone is invited to an arena team

for example void Arena::AddPlayer(Player* player) adds the players THAT ACCEPTED the arena match, but what about the ones that didn’t accept the queue prompt ???

It also doesn’t log if a player enters the arena and leaves it before the game end. The arena frame shown in the end of an arena game contains the player name and his statistics, so there must be a way to log it.

I grepped through and found dozens of reference points to enable logging in the ArenaTeamMgr, by showing when the match starts, ends, and who is fighting. Look there :wink:

uhm… you sure you are talking about [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]ArenaTeamMgr ? Because I only find arena team handlers or am I wrong ?

So is there anybody who can actually help with it?

Of course there is. But like most of us, I haven’t had time.

I can look at hooks to pull and log arena queues (teams and players). Just curious… what is so important about logging the placeholder queue for players?

My friend and I are trying to log all the arenas, so we can pull the statistics on a website and it’s easier to catch wintraders and players who drop mmr.

ArenaLog.ExtendedInfo = 1


Still doesn’t solve the problem where a player is not shown in the log if he misses the queue.

Thank you but if the player leaves early - no info for him. And I’m having a hard time understanding why did you design the log like that in the first place. Its kinda useless this way.