Arena Teams on small servers

Any way to enable 1v1 arena teams to work like 2v2? My server is lucky to have 3 people online at one time so 2v2 is unlikely to ever be possible.

Also the basic forum search is crap. I search for arena and get nothing but I can find topic titles with arena in them but the forum search doesn’t find them. I suppose advanced search might but still.

.debug arena

This command could be useful to you

You want rated arena or just skirmish duels ?
for skirmish you can set 5v5 to proc with only one player like so in “BattlegroundQueue.cpp”


MaxPlayersPerTeam = arenaType; MinPlayersPerTeam = sBattlegroundMgr->isArenaTesting() ? 1 : arenaType;

Replace by

MaxPlayersPerTeam = (arenaType == 5) ? 1 : arenaType ; MinPlayersPerTeam = MaxPlayersPerTeam;

I can explain you how to do rated 1v1 to if that’s what you want.

I know it’s some ugly coding but it’s very simple and it work fine.

Rated 1v1 would be interesting.

Tell me please, how do 1v1 rating.

Check the BattlegroundQueue.cpp /emoticons/default_smile.png