Auction House Bot

I have some problems with the auction house bot (3.3.5):

  • [SIZE=16px]Item’s price is way too “random” (example: I have 2 stacks of 17 Abyss Crystal one costs 1700 gold while the other one costs 140)[/SIZE]

  • I cannot set different price scales based on item’s type (example: I want that rare trade goods needs to be multiplied by x while rare armor pieces by y)

  • Some items has way too high or low buy/sell prices so I cannot define a proper scaling

  • I would like to price armor and weapon items based on their itemlevel, is there a way to do that?

  • The bot never put glyphs on auction

Thanks in advance.


Latest TrinityCore revision (6.x) adds these settings to the worldserver.conf. Hasn’t been merged into 3.3.5 yet but if you add those settings manually it will work.

Here are the relevant settings: TrinityCore/TrinityCore@e5c9997

For the glyphs, can you link your per-class weights from worldserver.conf? Maybe someone will see something there.

The rest…I’m not enough of an expert to help unfortunately.