Auth and World server won't start

Hi guys,

I have problem with my fresh new compiled trinity 3.5.5.a(64bit) Server.

The Server wont start up.

When i start auth. and World server nothing happened, i get not even a Error Message.

i have already tryed to fix the problem.

MySQL Server is up and connectable.

Deleted Cmake cache.

tryed to start the server with Windows CMD to receive any errormessage, but cmd shows nothing.

compiled the core with Visual 2015 Community Edtitions, no errors during compiling the core.(choosed Native Compiler+Visual Studio 14 2015 in cmake)

Used Programversion:

Branche: 3.3.5

boost_1_59_0 64Bit




Win64 OpenSSL v.1.0.2e

could an1 please help me?





I think 0xc0000142 is the problem here. Google for more cures for that. There are plenty of those.

thanks for the response.

I have tried different solutions but nothing works for me.

it’s really a bit strange. when i try to start auth or world server, the Error Message ([COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]0xc0000142)will not be displayed directly. Only when i shutdown my Computer they appear.

Any other ideas? :frowning: