Authserver.exe and Worldserver.exe freezing before startup


I compiled the latest source of the 3.3.5 core on Windows 10 - 64bit. On my desktop machine everything is running fine, but

when i copy my server folder to my laptop both server exes are not even opening. When i double click on em the blue circle rotates next to my mouse and

thats it. The mysql server is running fine on my laptop too. The laptop has Windows 10 - 64bit, the needed vcredist installed and the processor has SSE2.

I’m not even getting an error log because of this which makes it really hard to figure out what the problem is…

Thanks for your help and patience!

EDIT: I need Boost, git, openssl, cmake and so on only to compile right? Not to run the compiled exe files or am I wrong?

I don’t want to install all these things on my laptop, he is slow enough. ^^