Autographed Picture of Foror & Tigule


I have a new question. I dont know if it’s working, but want to know how is implemented the loot of the enemys in bg, in particular, alterac valley’s bg. ¿Works “Autographed Picture of Foror & Tigule”? ¿Where it is implemented?

Autographed Picture of Foror & Tigule =

I know is lootable also by the npcs but…really really short probability.

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Anyone can help me out? This topic is since March here, and is custom so i’ll be happy with a hack fix, it’s enough.

How to add the item to the enemy’s bodies only in alterac?

I will be grateful for any help, thanks

It’s just loot with low probability of drop assigned to each alterac creature I think

Probably correct, but what I mean is that it should have a higher drop in the enemy’s bodies, and now doesn’t have at all. Any loot in them except gold.