Automatic db installation, for lazy people

I’m searching a way to create an automatic database installation when it’s empty.

Before starting to create a [bash] script for it, i would know if it's possible using the updating process included in trinitycore.

I’ve a test/dev server where various dev “play” with sql queries.

So i’ve to very often reset the database to a clean state.

The manual iter for this is simple:

  1. DROP DATABASE world_database; CREATE DATABASE world_database;
    2) install latest TDB version
    3) install diff updates
    4) install /custom/* things

Now, about the step 2 , would be possible to add the TDB full sql in a custom folder to be imported before updates?

in this way we’ve only to manually clean the db to start a clean installation process at trinitycore start.

Did you know that TC already does (almost) all of that?

All needed is to drop the databases and run your custom stuffs.
And … to download TDB since it is not in the source as you say.

Just take a look at

ah nice! i was out of date about clean installation feature ! thank you You can and should use the /custom dir for your own SQLs. The db updater will pick them up.