Avoid legal issues? Host etc.


Anyone have tips on what server provider to choose to avoid legal issues with Blizzard.

What is most important to before making a server live to avoid problems?

Help much appreciated!

Dont try to make profit of a public server and you will prob never have any worries with Blizzard.

That’s not entirely true. Population is the key.

There is ample evidence of Blizz going after large and medium sized private servers that didn’t charge a dime for their service. There are many servers that run “off shores” and charge for their services (pay to play). They just need to keep the population extremely low and not advertise the shit out of it like “some private server groups” that got hammered by Blizz and had to be taken down asap.

The larger you are, the more vulnerable you are. No one is “safe”.

I heard that using russian server providers is safer than EU ones considering they dont share user data to US companies the way european ones do, true or false?

idk about that. But, I do believe you still have the issue with outside clients connecting to your server, unless it was all handled internally like China.

Do not host illegal servers.

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