Ban Addons, how?

There is a table “banned_addons” in characters DB but I never get it working.

No matter what I put the name of the addon in Name field (exact spelling, lower/upper cases, from folder name or the Title in toc file), Version (v5.0.1 or 5.0.1, whatever), I never get client addon banned after logged in. I also played around with Timestamp (like current, the past 2009, or future time 2020) but still, nothing worked.

I also dig into AddonMgr.cpp, WorldSession.cpp and confirmed the BannedAddonList did sent to client.

Does anyone know how to use this banned_addons? By the way I am using 3.3.5 branch and the latest commit 94f186e

You need to use folder name (case sensitive) and version from .toc, timestamp is for cache, just set it to current time

I’ve tried that, the exact spelling of the folder name, version from .toc and couldn’t get ban addon working