Battered Hilt Alliance item tradable

Hi guys, I am battling with my Battered Hilt item. Horde is soulbound which I am happy with. The alliance side, however, is tradable in the sense of, when you loot it, you can take the quest. But after that, you get another Hilt in your inventory which is tradable. I tried to make this soulbound in world>item_template by chinging the bindings to “1” (soulbound) and also changing the flags to “1”. I did a server restart and the items are still the same. Can anybody help me regarding this? Would be greatly appreciated.


On clean TC those items aren’t soulbound and that’s blizzlike.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I know it is not soulbound, The problem is that when you click on the item to take the quest, it adds the quest to your quest log. The item dissapears from your inventory, but then the quest adds another item in your inventory which is not soulbound. So then you have the quest in your quest log and an item in your inventory which is tradable. I have an updated database and core, don’t understand why this is happening… Maybe i will compile a new core and try it again. I tried making it soulbound as a quick fix but it didnt work

Thanks for you help

If you check:
you ​will see it’s working as intended, and since the item is required to complete the quest there is no way to exploit it.

Ok i see what is wrong, the required item on db was not filled in. Think I might get it to work properly then. Once again thanks.