Battleground req. players - prevent opening a new BG


I was looking in code, couldn’t find anything in bg.cpp/header, searched for constructors calls etc.

For example, If I have 8 players vs 8 on an RBG, it opens a new instance (new battleground for other players). It’s written somewhere in the code, cause I have set maxplayers to 37 for every bg including RBG.

I need to change it for that it will open a new instance only when its 20+/20+ or something.

If someone have any idea, I would be grateful /emoticons/default_smile.png

This is set in the World Database, table [COLOR=rgb(24,54,145)]battleground_template

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work. It’s kind of a custom script. When in a one moment 80 players join the queue, they’re added to a single BG, but when there is already a game with 25v25 for hmm. 5 minutes it creates a new bg for new players.